NYC’s and The Met Museum’s Disingenuous Philanthropy

NYC recently announced on its website that there is $2.8 million in additional funding to be allocated to over 175 cultural institutions in “underserved communities”.   NYC reports that these funds result from an “agreement allowing the Metropolitan Museum of Art to charge mandatory admission to visitors from outside of New York State in exchange for sharing a portion of the new revenue with the City”.    The NYC website is silent as to New Yorkers also being charged a “mandatory” admission fee inasmuch as each visiting New Yorker must pay a fee “in an amount” that is up to them despite NYS Law providing for free of any charge access.

This is disappointing for it reveals that NYC leaders are aware of the Met Museum’s change in admissions policy and despite New Yorkers providing THREE QUARTERS OF A BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY in free rent to the Met Museum, they permit the Met Museum to operate while non-compliant with NYS law.  It is clear that New Yorkers must act for themselves and insist that New York State Attorney General Letitia James enforce the law; i.e., Ch. 476 of the Laws of 1893.  [see FA’s Expanded Efforts, The FA Story and Take Action sections]