Museum Signage

Met Museum Signage Confuses

Because the Museum evades compliance with the terms of its 1878 Lease with the City of New York and the provisions of Ch. 476 of the Laws of 1893, it plays around with formats and font to deceive all who visit its Central Park campus: 

The first thing you see on the Museum’s misleading sign is “General Admission” in large type; the actual “pay is up to you” policy is easy to miss. The well-hidden “pay is up to you” policy states “Suggested Admission” of $25 for adults, signage that makes it appear that the fee is mandatory.

Similarly, the Museum’s website deceives: 

After stating its admissions policy, reads “Please be as generous as you can” while the signage in the Museum’s Central Park building reads “Your generous support  …” The implication is that NYers are mandated to pay a fee to keep the Museum going when, in fact, the Museum – in the Spirit of Law(s) set out years ago and the vision of the Museum’s “Founding Fathers” - is that the Museum is Free of Charge For All NYers.  [As reported in a popular press article, “Ask for a ticket, and you will be told ‘$25’”]

Yet the Court would not consider signage spelling out terms of NYers’ free admission.  And because the Museum continues to expect an amount less than the full suggested sum from New Yorkers, they 

[1] cannot purchase a ticket online,

[2] cannot enter without standing on admission lines [online ticketholders avoid these lines and go directly to enter areas], and

[3] cannot use kiosks [again, are foreclosed from using technology to make entry easier]

Resultantly, New Yorkers are not appreciated for their 750 Million Dollars annual rental forgiveness – clearly not a way to treat your single-most valuable benefactors.

Compliant Signage

For those of you who may go online for Museum information, the Museum’s website states that its admission policy is “pay as you wish” for New York State residents; and on its signage states that for “New York state residents” “the amount you pay is up to you.” [TAYPIU2U] The truth is that the Museum is legally mandated to be Free for All New Yorkers, city and state-wide.  [see FA’s Contract and Laws section] 

Signage for a compliant Museum would be simple – not complicated.  Per FA, here’s how compliant signage would read


For non-New Yorkers:

$25 for adults    |    $17 for seniors    |    $12 for students

For New Yorkers:

Monday and Tuesday

$25 for adults    |    $17 for seniors    |    $12 for students

Free other days and Friday and Saturday evenings


That’s it.  Straightforward.  Nothing misleading.  And financially, more beneficial to the deceptive PWYWBYMPS or TAYPIU2U policies.  [see FA’s Economic Advantage section]