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About Us

FREE ADMISSION (FA) is a New York City- and state-wide Initiative, recently launched by Pat Nicholson, a born-and-bred New Yorker, who has challenged Metropolitan Museum of Art [MMA] policies for nearly two decades, and who, with FA as her venue, endeavors to educate New Yorkers [and especially the press, elected and appointed officials, New York employers/employees, taxpayers, residents, parents and guardians, students, faculty and senior citizens, to name a few] to what she in effect believes to be, the covert, in some instances, and overt, in others, failing of the MMA and City and State leaders and legislators to enforce contracts and laws providing New Yorkers free of any charge admission to the MMA and as many as 12 other city-funded park institutions.

FA is dedicated to providing New Yorkers the facts of their free admission rights so they can better participate in changing the admission policies of the City-funded, park-situated museums or organizations noted on its website.

FA uses the MMA’s admission policy as its starting point. [Soon, Natural History will be reported about in FA’s Blog section]

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