A Reaction To An Action — The Met Museum Way

In an earlier blog entitled, “FA Educates Key Met Museum Philanthropists …”, FA details its effort to communicate directly with members of the Met Museum’s Real Estate Council to ensure their understanding of benefits ascribed to Council membership.

Knowing that the “free admission” component of the benefits package could inappropriately suggest to New York employees of Council members that free admission to the Met Museum comes only on the heels of their company’s philanthropy rather than a legislated right, FA was confident that the Council would advocate internally for Met Museum compliance with NYS Law.

FA is unaware of those possibilities.

However, on Monday, April 8, 2019, the Met Museum took out a full page, New York Times advertisement, giving “Sincere thanks to our generous corporate sponsors” — include the Real Estate Council.

An impressive “thank you” for sure.

FA urges the Met Museum to now “thank” all New Yorkers by complying with NYS Law and opening its exhibition halls free of any charge to them. [go to FA’s Take Action section to let New York Attorney General Letitia James know she should enforce the law giving New Yorkers free admission]