FA Founder Pat Nicholson Visits The Met – Part II

This is the second of two blogs giving a report on my visit to the Metropolitan Museum (Met Museum; “Museum”).  In Part I, I dropped off a letter to the Officers of the Museum, President, Daniel H. Weiss, and Trustee President, Daniel Brodsky – to inform them of the launch of the FA website. IF…
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FA Founder Visits The Met Museum — Part I: Hand Delivering Letters to Presidents Brodsky and Weiss

As FA Founder and Director of its website and education campaign, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met or ‘Museum”) on 12/21/18 – a stormy but warm Friday afternoon – for three reasons:  To hand deliver a letter to the Museum’s President, Daniel H. Weiss, and Trustee President, Daniel Brodsky, to inform them…
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Are You Penny Wise? Have You Signed Up To Line Up?

A member of the FA staff was in a New York City copy shop the other day when someone overheard a phone conversation that this staff member was having regarding free admission to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The conversation was about our rights to free admission to the Met. For more information, see all…
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